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CORE – Better together! Click Here to pledge your support!

Collaboration On River’s Edge

Gilmer County’s Workplace Innovation Space

Gilmer County Is Thriving.

You can see it in the growing number of people,
businesses and opportunities here. It’s most apparent, however, in the
yes-we-can spirit that energizes our unique community.

Collaboration On River’s Edge, CORE, is an initiative of The Greater Gilmer Community Foundation that embodies that spirit.

Part resource center, part collaborative workspace, CORE will:

  • House entrepreneurs and start-ups.
  • Offer co-working and mentorship opportunities.
  • Serve as a new venture incubator/accelerator.
  • Teach and train for employment success.
  • Provide a community meeting space.

CORE Assets

CORE will occupy a 6,400-square-foot building at 142 River Terrace. The Foundation has entered into a lease/purchase option for the space, which currently offers 13 private offices and a large conference room. It will be renovated in phases to create:

  • Co-working and incubator pods with annual, monthly, daily and hourly rentals
  • The Collaboration Café
  • Training resources
  • Small group collaborations

Renovation and expansion of the site will be supported by a Foundation-led capital campaign, Gilmer 2020 Better Together. The campaign anticipates a two year build out, with completion in 2020. The name also reflects the Foundation’s “perfect vision” for this innovative facility.

CORE Values

CORE is rooted in the belief that we are better together – that our unique talents and experiences can multiply exponentially through collaboration and shared purpose.

CORE will create a dynamic environment and collaborative space to help Gilmer County:

  • Nurture and retain talented, forwardthinking individuals
  • Attract and assist startups
  • Leverage educational resources

CORE Competencies

Collaboration will be the heartbeat of CORE. Entrepreneurs and developers of start-ups will be paired with complementary tenants, mentors and others. The creator of a new social media business, for example, would have regular access to an experienced marketing director. Informally throughout the day, they share ideas and refine plans, bringing in colleagues as needed.

Partnering with local educational resources, CORE’s Partners in Education program will help prepare those just entering the workforce, and those redefining their work path. Through traditional classes, online training and TED-style talks, experts will share their knowledge with CORE colleagues and with members of the community.

Yes, I want to support our community at the CORE. Count me in for the next 3 years!

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CORE - Better Together

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Better Together

Collaboration On River’s Edge is poised to become a vibrant, innovative tool for business and community building. Its reach is limited only by the passion and resources it can attract. In  coming weeks, you will hear more about CORE and efforts of The Greater Gilmer Community Foundation to make this dream a reality. In the meantime, we invite you to join friends and neighbors who have already committed to CORE. One meaningful way to do that is by becoming a charter contributor through an annual, three-year pledge.

The great visionary Helen Keller said, “Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so much.” Supported by Gilmer 2020 Better Together, CORE offers a unique vehicle for doing “so much” together. We welcome your participation in this exciting initiative.